Le Roux's Chicken Shack

Welcome to Le Roux's Chicken Shack

Le Roux's Chicken Shack proudly serves delicious food to the greater New Orleans community.



Naomia A.

So we eat a lot of wings in this place was just a challenge waiting to take place! We got the 15 piece half hot half garlic Parmesan. They did not...

Shanita F.

I ordered the lemon pepper wings and ouwee wings. The lemon pepper wings were really good. Not too salty and the chicken wasn't over cooked. The wings are a...

F. Jackson

You have to try out their food! Everything is made to order. I just recently found out that they also offer catering services.

Lindsay Cooper

Absolutely delicious. Crispy fries, evenly battered fish. So, so good.

Abraham Rach

The food was quite good, and the sauce on the tenders were great! The “Ooh-Wee” sauce lives up to its name. The store could use a little wiping down of dust.

Lerra Clark

This wintery had pretty good service. I like all of the flavor options for my wings. There's a special fry that was really good. Crawfish fry! No pics we ate it before pics..😐😉👍🏽 Keep up good work! #restaurant #visit #foodie


11:30am - 10:00pm

Tuesday - Thursday

11:00am - 10:00pm

Friday - Saturday

11:00am - 1:00am